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4 Tips to Retire in 10 Years or Less

A very common goal among our clients is to cover their living expenses and retire in 10 years or less through real estate investing. Here are four tips, courtesy of our own Jeff White, who was able to achieve this in just 7 years!

  1. Consistently invest, regardless of the market conditions. Real estate, in particular, is a forgiving asset when held for the long term.
  2. As your equity position grows, ensure that each dollar of your investment is working as hard and efficiently as possible. In Monopoly terms, trade your green houses for a red hotel. You can see how Chris Lopez optimized Ben Einspahr’s house hack stack through his consultation by clicking here.
  3. Keep your expenses low and avoid income creep. This is easier said than done.
  4. Hold onto your W2 for as long as possible! Lenders love W2 investors because they are easy to lend to. After losing your W2, securing financing becomes much more difficult and can delay your next investment by 2 years or longer.

To hear the full story of how Jeff was able to achieve this, check out the podcasts listed below:

Jeff White’s House Hack Stack:

Reaching FIRE in 5 Years – This episode covers how Jeff White was able to reach FIRE in just 5 years by building his house hack stack and leveraging his debt.

How to Create a “House Hack Stack” – In this episode, we dive into Jeff White’s impressive house hack stack, which includes 8 properties, and analyze the key components that make it successful.

If you want to follow in Jeff’s footsteps, click here to schedule a consultation with our team, and we can help you build your own house hack stack!

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