If you’re looking to learn and network at Denver real estate investing events, then found the right place! Our group holds investing events at local classrooms and through online webinars.

Our investing classes are free and have no sales pitches. We believe in providing high-value content to educate and facilitate networking. Why? Because that leads to getting deals done, which is our goal, not selling some product.

Our classes typically are education-focused with the material presented in one to two hours. We’re not big fans of “grab a beer and sit around while trying to awkwardly network.” Feel free to stay after class to network with the presenters and other investors. Join our email newsletter to get notified of future classes and webinars.

Due to COVID, we are limiting our in-person classes currently. Instead of classes and webinars, we’re putting everything on the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast and posting 2+ episodes a week. If you need help finding a topic or info, email [email protected]

If you’re looking for training on the go, make sure you listen to the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast