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Does Airbnb House Hacking Still Make Sense in Today’s Market?

Are you struggling to find deals in this high-interest rate environment? If so, you’re not alone. Many newer investors are facing this challenge. It’s not as easy to make the numbers work as it was in 2021 with a 3% interest rate. But don’t worry, there are still deals out there!

Airbnb House Hack Case Study

Our client was searching for a house hack that would provide privacy while living there and cash flow after moving out. They purchased a single-family home in Arvada that had a kitchenette in the basement they could rent out on Airbnb.

The Numbers

While living there, their monthly mortgage payment will be $1,900 after all income and expenses. After moving out, the property will generate a cash flow of about $250 per month after all income and expenses.

Whats next?

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