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Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast
The #1 podcast focused on real estate investing in the Denver metro area.
Gain important information about a different segment of the Denver market every week.
Join host Chris Lopez as he covers everything from the basics of real estate investing to current market trends. Learn how to analyze real estate deals and listen to interviews with local experts and investors at every step of the investing journey.

If you're interested in investing in the Denver real estate market, listen to this podcast to get all the latest data and learn what strategies are working there.
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Chris Lopez
Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast
Chris Lopez is the founder of Envision Advisors, REICO, and co-author of House Hacking Denver: The Ultimate Guide Overview.
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Every episode, we explore a different topic that relates to the Denver metro real estate market. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, most in-depth information needed to start or continue your investing journey. Browse recent episodes and start learning.
October Monthly Market Updates- Thumbnail
October 2022 Market Updates: Take Advantage of Dropping Rates and Seller Concessions
The October 2022 market stats for Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are now out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean. Check out the latest trends, get updates
Living for $150 a Month Despite a 5.9% Interest Rate
How can house hackers find cash flowing deals in a high interest rate environment? Jeff White joins us to analyze current deals he’s working on that will allow his clients to
How to Treat Your Airbnb Like a Business
First time homebuyers Travis and Gentry join us to talk about why they bought a Denver fixer upper with an ADU, and how they decided to convert the ADU into an
Introducing PAM 2.0: Take the Guesswork out of Your Real Estate Portfolio
In today’s environment, we recognize that optimizing your portfolio is becoming more and more challenging. Starting November 15th, we’re launching PAM 2.0, a free 5 week Portfolio Analysis Mastermind to help provide clarity.
Why Commercial Investors Are Seeking out Shorter Loan Terms
High interest rates are changing the landscape of commercial deals throughout Colorado and the rest of the country. William Foy and Marcus Davis of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to explain
Believe It or Not: Now Is a Good Time to Be a Buyer
The September 2022 market stats are out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean and how the Colorado real estate market is trending. Get updates for Denver, Colorado
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