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We’ve assembled a team of Strategic Partners who can assist you through every step in the real estate process.
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Our Strategic Partners are people and vendors we like, know, trust, and do business with. They’re the companies we recommend for various aspects of real estate investing, and they serve as our in-house experts in their fields.
There are a lot of different roles and nuances when it comes to real estate, and understanding more about each area will help you make more informed decisions.
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Strategic Partners:
Learn more about our Strategic Partners so you can start building your real estate investing team
Portfolio Analysis Software
Property Llama
Property Llama software empowers investors and their teams to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions to build, grow, and optimize their real estate portfolios. This software allows investors to analyze their portfolios to identify their next move and clarify their overall strategy.
Residential Home Lender
Nova Home Loans- Troy Howell
Choosing an investor-friendly lender is pivotal for strategically structuring loans to maximize your real estate investment journey. With 25 years of mortgage expertise, Troy Howell excels in tailoring loans and serving our house-hacking clients, helping build wealth in real estate quicker.
Residential Developer
red T Homes is a Denver-based residential real estate development company focused on green building practices. Their new eco-friendly homes are built to LEED Gold Certification standards, partnering exclusively with like-minded industry professionals to prioritize family well-being and environmental sustainability.
Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation
Law Mother
We talk a lot about how to optimize our portfolios, but at the end of the day, we all eventually stop owning real estate. Pam Maass Garrett is an estate lawyer who can assist you in setting up a living trust, make a plan for your estate, and help ensure that you and your family are protected.
Real Estate Investing Firm
Envision Advisors
Envision Advisors is a real estate investing company made up of Colorado investor-friendly realtors who build, grow, and optimize their clients’ real estate portfolios through buying and selling investment properties.
Real Estate Investment Firm
Property Llama Capital
Property Llama Capital offers a passive investing opportunity tailored for engaged property owners, allowing them to invest alongside seasoned professionals and institutions on a platform crafted by active real estate investors. Property Llama Capital serves as a vehicle for accessing institutional-grade investments, it caters to both the creators and their community of investors.
Portfolio Analysis Software
Curtis Street Media
Curtis Street Media is the in-house media division for our Family of Companies. The team has created and produced the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, the Multifamily Mentors and House Hackerz shows on BiggerPockets, the Ultimate House Hacking Guide Book, plus a lot more.
Real Estate Investing Education and Tools
Real Estate Investing in Colorado, or REICO, guides Colorado real estate investors to answer the question, “What do I do next?” by providing local knowledge to clarify your strategy, build your local team, and create an action plan for every step of your real estate journey.
Real Estate Instructor and Mentor
Chris Lopez is the founder of Envision Advisors, host of the Denver Investment Real Estate Podcast, and much more. Learn more about Chris, his businesses, and opportunities to learn from him at Meet Lopez.
The Strategic Partners program took a long time to come together: I never wanted random sponsors or companies running ads. I wanted to find people who share my values and vision. I focused on doing deals and building relationships first, before inviting them to become a Strategic Partner. They financially contribute to our podcast and educational content creation. I have ownership interests in Curtis St Media, Envision Advisors and Property Llama.
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