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Join hosts Jenny Bayless and Chris Lopez weekly as they discuss deal analyses, interviews, and market trends focused on the southern Colorado real estate market.


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Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast
All Things Southern Colorado Real Estate
Gain important information about a different segment of the southern Colorado market every week.
Interested in investing in Colorado Springs or Pueblo? You’ve come to the right place! Host and investor-friendly agent Jenny Bayless with Envision Advisors explores the southern Colorado real estate market, including deal analyses, interviews with local experts and investors, and monthly market trends. New episodes every Wednesday.
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Jenny Bayless
Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast
Jenny Bayless is an investor-friendly agent with Envision Advisors and an investor with properties in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
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Every episode, we explore a different topic that relates to the southern Colorado real estate market. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, most in-depth information needed to start or continue your investing journey. Browse our recent episodes and start learning.
Seller Credits and Self Managing: How to Cash Flow with High Interest Rates
Self-managing a property is not only a great learning experience, it can significantly boost returns, too. In this deal analysis, Jenny and Leah look at a recently purchased Pueblo duplex
How Cost Segregation Allows You to Invest in More Real Estate
Cost segregation is a great tool for investors to take advantage of depreciation and put real money back in their pockets. To see how the process works, we’re analyzing a recent
Where Can I Cash Flow in Colorado? Hint: It's Pueblo
Is it still possible to cash flow with high interest rates? This deal analysis looks at a recently purchased single family home in Pueblo being used as a long term rental.
Believe It or Not: Now Is a Good Time to Be a Buyer
The September 2022 market stats are out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean and how the Colorado real estate market is trending. Get updates for Denver, Colorado
Fix and Flip vs Long Term Rental: Landlord Shares His Biggest Mistakes
Seasoned investors know that different rental strategies work better in different markets. Today, we’re talking to Rick Staael, an investor who owns properties along the Front Range, about how he chooses
How the Rich Minimize Taxes: Building Wealth with Cost Segregation
How can a cost segregation study improve your returns? Bonnie Griffin Kaake of Cost Segregation Services, Inc. joins us to discuss how depreciation and cost segregation interact, and explains why this
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