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Join hosts Jenny Bayless and Chris Lopez weekly as they discuss deal analyses, interviews, and market trends focused on the southern Colorado real estate market.


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Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast
All Things Southern Colorado Real Estate
Gain important information about a different segment of the southern Colorado market every week.
Interested in investing in Colorado Springs or Pueblo? You’ve come to the right place! Host and investor-friendly agent Jenny Bayless with Envision Advisors explores the southern Colorado real estate market, including deal analyses, interviews with local experts and investors, and monthly market trends. New episodes every Wednesday.
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Jenny Bayless
Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing Podcast
Jenny Bayless is an investor-friendly agent with Envision Advisors and an investor with properties in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
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Every episode, we explore a different topic that relates to the southern Colorado real estate market. Our goal is to provide you with the latest, most in-depth information needed to start or continue your investing journey. Browse our recent episodes and start learning.
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Top Real Estate Investing Trends in Colorado Springs & Pueblo for 2024
Discover the hottest trends and set yourself up for success with our Southern Colorado Investing Guide for 2024!
November Market updates
Are Interest Rate Hikes Over? | November Colorado Real Estate Market Update
Keep up with the November 2023 Colorado real estate market updates and find out if our panel thinks interest rates are finally on the downward trajectory!
RCSPC23-NOV-1 - Thumbnail
Unbelievable Fourplex for $650K and 17% ROI | Deal Analysis
Jenny and Leah dive into the details of a spectacular $650K fourplex deal—this client’s 5th! Tune in for top insights for achieving multifamily success!
October Market updates
Interest Rate Drop Unlocks Home Buying Potential | Colorado Real Estate Market Update
Keep up with the latest Colorado’s Housing Market: October 2023 trends, home prices, and the game-changer – a slight interest rate drop that’s amplifying buying power for savvy purchasers!
RCSPC23-OCT-2 Thumbnail
Is this Colorado Springs Fourplex worth the 40% down payment? | Deal Analysis
Jenny and Leah dissect a prime example of multifamily properties available in the current market—a fourplex in Colorado Springs.
September Market updates
Why the New 5% Conventional Multifamily Loans are a Gamble | September Market Updates
The September 2023 Real Estate Market Updates are out, featuring the latest insights for landlords, multifamily loans, and strategies for finding profitable deals in a high-interest rate environment.
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