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What are some typical challenges when house hacking with a short-term rental?

Managing and operating a short-term rental (STR) is not the same as running a typical rental on a 12-month lease agreement. It’s more like running a hospitality business, but one that’s under the roof of your own house. This type of business comes with its own set of challenges.

Over the past 4+ years, we have coached clients on how to operate short-term rentals/ airbnb house hacks and manage these challenges.

Here is a list of some common challenges our clients face:

  • Managing your nightly price to optimize occupancy
  • It’s important to stay on top of constant guest communication. This includes providing check-in and check-out instructions, parking instructions, local recommendations, and my personal favorite, instructions on how to connect to the WiFi.
  • Dealing with high turnover, which results in more wear and tear on your home
  • Managing constant guest turnover
  • Temperature control if there is only one thermostat in the home
  • Managing noise that travels from floor to floor.
  • Keeping your neighbors happy

To help mitigate these challenges, our short-term rental specialist, Ben Einspahr, offers a customized course on efficient self-management of short-term rentals.

To view this course, click here.

One of the many benefits of becoming an Envision Advisors client is that you can access this course and others for free.

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