Market Updates
Identifying and riding trends is key to building wealth through real estate investing. Our monthly market updates for Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo cover the latest trends, data, and news.
Market Updates
Get the Latest Trends, Data, and News for Colorado Markets
Check out our monthly market updates to get information on prices, inventory, overall market trends, and more. Our roundtable of local experts will help you analyze the data and discuss what it means for investors. Browse our most recent updates for information on Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.
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Monthly Market Update-Jan (1)
January 2023 Market Updates: Why Savvy Investors Are Buying Now
The January 2023 market stats are out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean and how Denver and Colorado Springs are trending. Inventory- is it up or down
Homebuyers Are Defying Expectations
Are you considering buying or selling a home in Colorado this spring? According to a recent video from Altos Research, the state’s housing market is defying expectations in a few key
How to Get Colorado Commercial Real Estate Deals in 2023 with Adam Aluise
CO Commercial Real Estate Update with Adam Aluise
Adam Aluise is a 15-year CRE professional as an investor, developer, and loan broker. He founded Pine and Peak Capital to provide borrowers access to their best financing option plus he
December 2022 Market Stats: Will 2023 Be the Year of the BRRRR?
The year end market stats for Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are out: find out which market grew in 2022, and which one ended in the negative. Plus, what creative strategies
November Monthly Market Updates Thumbnail
November 2022 Market Stats: Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Concessions
We’ve got the November 2022 Colorado market stats, and we’re breaking down the data and trends to understand what they mean for investors. Find out why we think seasonality in the
October Monthly Market Updates- Thumbnail
October 2022 Market Updates: Take Advantage of Dropping Rates and Seller Concessions
The October 2022 market stats for Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are now out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean. Check out the latest trends, get updates
Believe It or Not, Now Is a Good Time to Be a Buyer: September 2022 Market Stats
The September 2022 market stats are out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean and how the Colorado real estate market is trending. Get updates for Denver, Colorado
August 2022 Market Update: Increased Inventory = More Power for Buyers
The August 2022 Colorado market stats are out, and our roundtable is back to discuss all the trends. A boost in inventory is helping buyers, but should they be worried about
Finally, Some Breathing Room in the Market. July 2022 Colorado Stats and Roundtable Discussion.
Is seasonality coming back to the Colorado real estate market? Is now a good time for investors to buy? The July 2022 market stats are in, and our roundtable is back
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