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What is a Short-Term Rental

In simple terms, a short-term rental (STR) is a furnished rental for stays of less than 30 days. These are commonly referred to as vacation rentals.

Two of the most popular platforms for STRs are VRBO and Airbnb. Based on our experience, we have found Airbnb to be the most popular in the Colorado market.


Do you have a goal of owning and operating your own STR? Avoid the common headaches most people experience when starting out and take our STR Course called Step by Step Short Term Rentals. It will guide you through everything you need to know about owning and operating an STR.

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The 150 SQFT “House Hack-Bnb” Making $2,500/Month (Full Tour) – 16:20 video

In our Bigger Pockets Youtube series call House Hackerz, we tour Ben Einspahr’s most recent STR. This video covers tips, tricks, and automations Ben uses so he is not spending every minute managing their rental.

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