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Building Your Real Estate Investing Team

When talking to any experienced real estate investor, they will always recommend building a solid team! A solid team will lead to a solid real estate business.

Real estate investing is what Envision Advisors do day in and day out. In our years of experience we have identified two main tiers to building your team

Tier 1- Real Estate Agent and Lender

The two most important members of your team are your real estate agent and your lender. It is crucial that your agent and lender already have an existing working relationship. This working relationship will help you get under contract on that property you have been waiting for but has multiple offers already on the table. In the Denver Market, multiple offers can be very common.

Pro Tip: If you find a good real estate agent, they will bring you the rest of the team you

Tier 2- CPA, Property Manager, Cleaner, Handyman, Insurance Broker, Contractor, etc.

As mentioned above, if you are able to find a good investment friendly real estate agent, they will bring the rest of your team to the table.

If you are needing help building your team, schedule a call with our team by clicking this link. We can build your all-star team!

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