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Know what a deal will look like before you commit to it. Our real estate investor toolkit is designed to help you thoroughly analyze any kind of deal so you can invest with confidence.
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Our toolkit includes:
  1. The Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet is great for analyzing rental properties, house hacks, and Nomad™ properties.
  2. The House Hacking Spreadsheet to model buying four house hacks over eight years. The  cash flow and equity really start adding up!
  3. The BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet analyzes properties for the Buy, Rehab, Rent,  Refinance, Repeat investing method.
  4. The Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer for analyzing potential fix and flips.
  5. The Rehab Pricing Estimator to help estimate rehab costs when you walk a potential fix and flip property.
  6. Various Investing Maps (such as price change, GRM, etc.) for Denver and Colorado  Springs.
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