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Is there a maximum amount of unrelated people that can live in a single family home?

Renting out rooms in your home can significantly reduce your cost of living and, in some cases, even allow you to live for free. However, there are legal limitations on how many rooms you can rent out in the Denver metro area, and the number varies by city. For example:

  • Arvada: 5 unrelated parties
  • Aurora: 4 unrelated parties
  • Denver: 5 unrelated parties

How does this effect rent by the room house hacking?

If you buy a 6 bedroom home in Denver county, you can only rent out 4 of the remaining 5 bedrooms while living there.

Will I get caught if I exceed this amount?

This ultimately comes down to your personal risk tolerance.

Does the city have someone going around counting the amount of unrelated parties in each home? No.

Are there 6 bedroom homes in Denver being rented to 6 different people? Yes.

What is the limit in my city?

If you would like access to our cheat sheet listing out the maximum unrelated parties allowed for each city, reach out to us here!

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