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What should I look for in an Investment Friendly Lender?

  1. Do they understand the house hacking game?
  2. Will they take the time to get to know you? Some lenders can be so busy that they will not give you one on one time.
  3. Are they accessible outside of normal business hours? A majority of our clients have work obligations during regular business hours and view houses outside of traditional business hours, such as weekday evenings and weekends. If you want to make an offer as soon as possible, can your lender help navigate any financing adjustments during those times?
  4. What is their track record? Is this their first rodeo? Can they get the deal to the closing table and under contract?
  5. Is there in-house underwriting? Lender having direct contact with the underwriting team, especially if you have something that might be in a gray area, can eliminate some headache down the road. They quick accessibility is key.
  6. Can they do credit score optimization?
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