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Real estate is a team sport, and the easiest way to win is by having the best people on your team. The real estate process is complicated, and one person can’t specialize in everything. That’s why we recommend these different companies that are experts in their fields
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One Stop Shop for Real Estate Investing
We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all of your real estate investing needs. You don’t need to know everything about buying a property, lending, or optimizing your portfolio; just make sure you have professionals on your team who do.
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Family of Companies
Our Family of Companies are businesses that provide vital assistance to investors at every step of their journey. Whether you’re just starting out, already a seasoned investor, or want to shift strategies, we can help you.
Real Estate Investing Firm
Envision Advisors
Envision Advisors is a real estate investing company made up of Colorado investor-friendly realtors who build, grow, and optimize their clients’ real estate portfolios through buying and selling investment properties.
Portfolio Analysis Software
Property Llama
Property Llama software empowers investors and their teams to identify opportunities and make data-driven decisions to build, grow, and optimize their real estate portfolios. This software allows investors to analyze their portfolios to identify their next move and clarify their overall strategy.
Real Estate Media
Curtis St Media
Curtis Street Media is the in-house media division for our Family of Companies. The team has created and produced the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast, the Multifamily Mentors and House Hackerz shows on BiggerPockets, the Ultimate House Hacking Guide Book, plus a lot more.
Real Estate Investment Firm
Property Llama Capital
Property Llama Capital offers a passive investing opportunity tailored for engaged property owners, allowing them to invest alongside seasoned professionals and institutions on a platform crafted by active real estate investors. Property Llama Capital serves as a vehicle for accessing institutional-grade investments, it caters to both the creators and their community of investors.
Real Estate Instructor & Mentor
Chris Lopez is the founder of Envision Advisors, host of the Denver Investment Real Estate Podcast, and much more. Learn more about Chris, his businesses, and opportunities to learn from him at Like Lopez.
Real Estate Investing Education and Tools
Real Estate Investing in Colorado, or REICO, guides Colorado real estate investors to answer the question, “What do I do next?” by providing local knowledge to clarify your strategy, build your local team, and create an action plan for every step of your real estate journey.
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Putting together your team and creating a real estate investing plan can be a daunting task. That’s why we offer a free investment strategy consultation to investors in Colorado. Our process is designed to understand you and your financial situation so we can formulate a strategy tailored to your long term goals. You’ll walk away from your consultation with a clear action plan.
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In a rapidly changing market, having the tools you need to help you analyze the data is critical. Know what the numbers will look like ahead of time so you don't buy a bad deal. Our toolkit is designed to help you thoroughly analyze any kind of deal so you can invest with confidence.
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