Don’t buy a bad deal! Use our Denver Rental Property Spreadsheet to quickly and accurately analyze Denver rental properties. The spreadsheet was created by Joe Massey, Senior Loan Officer at Castle & Cooke Mortgage, to help investors find the “right deal” for their portfolio. Stop spending money on investment calculators and download our free Denver-focused rental property analysis spreadsheet to start analyzing deals immediately.

The rental property spreadsheet is a free download for you to use. I use it and recommend it because it’s the right balance for return analysis and simplicity.

Latest version:
Version 6.2 – October 12th, 2020

How the Rental Property Spreadsheet Works

The spreadsheet is designed to analyze two types of rentals:

  • Rental properties
  • House Hacking and Nomad™ properties (owner-occupied investment properties)

There are tutorial videos and spreadsheets with variables and assumption data. If you’re a client of mine, please email me your property analyses so we can discuss and refine them. If you’re not a client, I do not have the time to review your spreadsheets as that is a perk reserved for clients. The information on this page should help out many Denver real estate investors.

Free Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet Download

Get the Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet in our free Real Estate Investing Toolkit.

Tutorial: Denver Rental Property Analysis

This video will walk you through how to analyze a rental property. Joe and I discuss a recent condo rental that I purchased.

Tutorial: Denver House Hack and Nomad™ Analysis

This tutorial will walk you through how to analyze a house hack property. We use a recent house hack property that we helped a client close on.

Tutorial: “Long Term Analysis” Tabs

We discuss the two tabs on the spreadsheet for long term analysis. Personally, I hardly ever look at these as I like to focus on the first two tabs to estimate the year 1 returns.


I put together a table from three real transactions to show the various costs associated with buying the properties. Realize that you’ll not be 100% accurate on your costs while you’re analyzing the properties. The total amount will change based on numerous factors.

Once you’re under contract and talk with your lender, you’ll be able to better analyze the properties. Two big possible expenses are whether you decide to buydown points to lower your interest rate or prepay PMI (for less than 20% down properties)

Here’s what I use to ballpark the “Acquisitions Costs” (Cell B25):

  • Condo / townhome: $3,000
  • House: $5,000
  • Multi (2-4 units): $7,000

Download the Rental Property Spreadsheet for Free

Rental Property Spreadsheet Screenshots

Here are two screenshots of the spreadsheet. The yellow fields are editable. The first one is the “Inputs” tab where you put in all the property data.

Here is the “cash flow” tab that shows you the results of the property analysis.

Investment Property Analysis Course (IPAC)
This post is part of the Investment Property Analysis Course. The course teaches you how to analyze a rental at purchase and how to review it annually to optimize your returns.

Three Learning Options:
  1. Listen to episode “#119: IPAC #2 – Rental Property Analysis Spreadsheet Overview” on the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast
  2. Watch the YouTube video at the bottom of the page.
  3. Read the blog post (updates coming soon.)


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Start analyzing your Colorado investment properties today
Rental Property Spreadsheet • House Hacking Spreadsheet BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet • Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer Investing Maps • Rehab Pricing Estimator
Start analyzing your Colorado investment properties today
Rental Property Spreadsheet • House Hacking Spreadsheet BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet • Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer Investing Maps • Rehab Pricing Estimator
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
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