Copy This Blueprint to Become A House Hack Millionaire
"Made Him a Millionaire" Chris Lopez and Jeff White
How to Create a "House Hack Stack" to Skyrocket Your Cash Flow
Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of beginning your real estate investing journey! Jeff White joins Chris Lopez, Ben Einspahr and Troy Howell to talk about how he’s gone from 0 to 8 properties in just 6 years by building his house hack stack. Listen to the episode to learn how to get started and find out what mistakes to avoid. He’s walking us through each property and sharing his insights and lessons learned.

Becoming a successful real estate investor with millions in equity can seem like a daunting task.  Luckily, house hacking provides beginner investors a path to building wealth one property at a time.  Thanks to great terms on owner-occupied home loans, house hackers can put just 5% down on a property and live cheaply, if not for free, while meeting their lender’s one-year occupancy requirements.  Once they move out, they have a great rental property to add to their portfolio to build their house hack stack and are one step closer to being millionaire.

To show you how it’s done, we sat down with the poster child for Denver house hacking—Jeff White. This episode is from our 6-part webinar series on house hacking. The information he shared was so impactful we wanted to put it on our podcast, too!

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  3. Read the blog post. Note, the blog is an executive summary. Get the in-depth breakdown from the podcast or video.

Jeff started house hacking just 6 years ago, and now he owns 8 properties around the Denver metro area, has a portfolio valued at $5MM and cash flows $120K a year!  The best part is that he didn’t do anything unique, just strictly followed his plan to add one property to his portfolio every year.

We looked at his different properties, plugged his portfolio into our exclusive Property Llama portfolio analysis software, and found out his biggest lessons learned through trial and error.  Check out the webinar to learn about his journey and find out how you, too, can become a millionaire by building your house hack stack. 

In This Episode We Covered

  • What a house hack stack is and how you can start building yours
  • The invaluable things you learn while living in and self-managing a property
  • Why cash flow won’t make you rich, but the three other ways you make money in real estate will
  • A look at all of Jeff’s properties, his different rental models, and why it’s ok to pivot when your plan doesn’t work out
  • How he used a reverse 1031 exchange to trade a headache fourplex for 2 single family homes
  • The benefits of having Section 8 renters, especially during a recession
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Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
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