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Strategic IRA Moves: Chris Lopez Shares Why He's Shifting $276k from Stocks to Real Estate
Explore advanced IRA strategies with Chris Lopez, shifting $276k from stocks to real estate, guided by Warren Buffett’s principles for a tax-smart financial future.
12 Years in Prison to Building a Thriving Sober Living Homes Business
From Adversity to Triumph: Kelly Mahana’s Journey from Prison to Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Success.
The Strategy Behind Scaling a Company with redT’s New CEO Vincent Deorio
Vincent Deorio, redT’s new CEO, reveals his strategies for the organic expansion of redT, advancing the mission of sustainable housing.
Are Buyers Off the Sidelines? | December 2023 Colorado Market Update
Stay informed on Colorado real estate trends and find out if our panel predicts lower interest rates!
Denver December 2023 Real Estate Market Updates
Stay informed and make sound investment decisions with our comprehensive analysis of the latest December 2023 real estate market updates in Denver, Colorado.
Denver 2023 Q4 Residential Real Estate Trends
4th QUARTER 2023 RESIDENTIAL TRENDS: DENVER. After a record-breaking 2021, the market slowed with rising mortgage rates and low inventory. Prices remained stable amid seasonal shifts.
1031 Without the Timeline: The Lazy 1031 Exchange Explained
Thomas Castelli, CPA and real estate investor, joins us to explain the “Lazy” 1031 Exchange, bonus depreciation, cost segregation and other strategies to maximize your equity and save money on taxes.
Where is the Next Market Crash & How to Prep Your Portfolio | ICOR Presentation
Chris Lopez presents to ICOR on how to pivot your strategy and prepare your real estate portfolio for investing success in the market cycle.
House Hacking Strategies that Achieve Above Market Rent | Deal Analyses
Jeff White and lender Troy Howell analyze two creative deals that pencil in today’s market—a fourplex using the new 5% down payment and an 8-bedroom house hack.
How to Pivot Your Real Estate Strategy for 2024
Unlock real estate success in 2024 with Chris as he reveals his goals and strategies for 2024!
1031 Exchange Explained: Minimize Your Taxes & Grow Your Wealth
Maximize Gains, Minimize Taxes: 1031 Exchange Secrets for Wealth Creation with 1031X – Dive into Basics, Unleash Tax Savings, and Propel Your Portfolio Growth!
How Much is Waiting to Buy Real Estate Actually Costing You?
Join Troy Howell and Jenny Bayless as they dissect the ‘Cost of Waiting’ tool for homebuyers, analyzing a $450,000 property in El Paso County.
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