May 2023 Market Updates: Why Now Is a Good Time to Sell Your Headache Property

"Worth buying real estate in 2023?" Preston Newberry, Jenny Bayless, Chris Lopez, Steve Medina, Newt Wyler

How is the real estate market along the Front Range shaping up for the summer? We’ve got the stats, trends, and updates for May 2023 and our roundtable of experts is here to break it all down for you. From discounted new builds in Northern Colorado to cash flowing buy and hold properties in Pueblo, we’re covering all of the strategies working right now.

20% Returns and Positive Cash Flow: Why This House Hacker Chose Colorado Springs

"Why you should start young!"

Today, we’re checking back in with Miller McSwain, who started his house hacking journey a year ago. He and his wife lived in the basement of their turnkey Colorado Springs home and followed a rent by the room strategy with the other bedrooms. Listen to the podcast to find out what kind of returns he had his first year, and how his second house hack is shaping up!

Can You Make a Profit on a Vacation Home in the Mountains? 9 Factors to Consider Before Buying

Chris Lopez, Amy Nakos in front of mountain home "Watch this First"

Are you thinking about investing in a second home in the mountains? Check out these 9 factors to consider first with agent Amy Nakos. She walks us through what it’s really like to own a mountain home, covering everything from how to make a lifestyle choice to what your HOA dues will cover. Listen to the podcast to learn if buying a second home in Colorado’s mountains is right for you.

Should I Put My House Hack into an LLC?

"Should I Create an LLC for My House Hacks?" Pam Maass, Chris Lopez, and Byron Elliott

How important is it to put your house hack stack in an LLC? We sat down with 3 local experts to find out when you need an LLC and other asset protection considerations.

How This Pueblo Duplex Provides Positive Cash Flow Despite a High Interest Rate

Jenny Bayless "Cash Flow with 7% Interest!"

High interest rates are making cash flow harder to find, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We’re looking at a Pueblo duplex that not only cash flows with a 7% interest rate, it actually performs better as a long term rental than using a rent by the room model. Find out how these numbers work and why we think Pueblo offers investors great returns.