Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
Author Episodes
Copy This Blueprint to Become A House Hack Millionaire
Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of beginning your real estate investing journey! Jeff White joins Chris Lopez, Ben Einspahr and Troy Howell to talk about how he’s gone from
Discover the Secrets to Successful Rental Property Analysis
What’s the best way to analyze your rental property, and how does it change over time? Our experts share their secrets for analyzing their investments and getting the best returns.
Rental App + ROE = Listing Opportunities
How can you take advantage of current events to create more listing opportunities? The Denver Rental License requirement and huge increase in Return on Equity both present a unique opportunity
Want to Pass Your Denver Rental License Inspection? Avoid These 3 Mistakes
Worried about passing your Denver Rental License inspection? Don’t be! We’re sitting down with inspector Andy Rhodes, who’s completed 3900 inspections already, to talk about the top 3 reasons landlords
April 2023 Market Updates: Will Sales Prices Bottom Out?
Get the latest market updates for the Front Range from our panel of experts. What do dropping sales prices mean for investors? Where are we seeing some great deals? Should
Denver Rental License: Everything You Need to Know!
Are you struggling to understand the new Denver Rental License requirements? Learn from the team that’s completed almost 4000 inspections in the last 7 months!
Not Sure Where to Start with an ADU? That ADU Guy Shares His Best Strategies and Tips
Is it worth trying to build an approved ADU in Denver? Derek Sherrell, aka That ADU Guy, joins us to discuss strategies for building, financing, and renting ADUs, plus the
Where to Park Your Cash When Banks Don't Pay
Where should you park your cash when interest rates are high and a recession is looming? We’re comparing four traditional options against Ironton Capital’s Short Term Income Fund.
How Patrick Soukup Went from Injured College Athlete to Real Estate Entrepreneur
How can mentors change your life?  Fort Collins agent and investor Patrick Soukup joins us to share his incredible journey from a career-ending injury in college leaving him adrift to
Unlock Massive Tax Savings with Advanced IRA Strategies for Real Estate Investors
Did you know you can use retirement assets to invest in real estate funds? Steve Medina joins us to talk about the different options and how they compare. Find
March 2023 Market Updates: Where Are We Seeing the Best Deals for Investors?
How is the spring selling season shaping up? We’ve got the latest market trends for Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and now northern Colorado! Discover which stats have our panel of
How Real Estate Investing Saved Eric Garber's Financial Future
After losing 30% of his net worth and pension all in one year, Eric Garber knew he needed to make a change. He sat down with us to share how
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