The Practical Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing eBook

This book is dedicated to you – The Denver Real Estate Investor! We wrote this book to help you make sense of the special challenges and incredible opportunities available in our market today. Not since the Great Depression have we had a greater transfer of real estate wealth, and the smart and savvy investor has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of it.

Updated August 2018: 5th Edition

Colorado Real Estate Investing

“The counsel, information, and ready-to-use forms in this book provide a jump-start to anyone ready to invest in real estate. The research-based, field tested methods are sure to increase returns on investments and save investors from costly mistakes.”

-Mark Hafley, Small Business Owner and Future Landlord

Book Description

This is not a get rich quick book. It is a practical guide to building wealth in today’s real estate market. No bull. No hype. Just real advice from real investors making money in this market. It’s over 150 pages of information on investing in Denver. We’re giving away copies for free!

Chapter #1: What Type of Investment is Best for You?
Chapter #2: How Successful Investors Build Their Team.
Chapter #3: Where the Pros Get the Money.
Chapter #4: How the Pros Manage the Buying Process.
Chapter #5: Rental Property Fundamentals.
Chapter #6: Buy a Great Rental Home, Condo or 2-4 Unit.
Chapter #7: Short Sales
Chapter #8: House Hacking
Chapter #9: Property Management
Chapter #10: How the Pros Sell Their Property


The authors for this practical “Colorado real estate investing guide” are all local real estate professionals. More importantly, they are investors ourselves with over 170 units, from single family homes to 40-unit apartment buildings.

Lon Welsh
Founder and Chairman of Your Castle Real Estate
Charles Roberts
President of Your Castle Real Estate
Joe Massey
Senior Loan Officer for Castle & Cooke Mortgage
Greg Parham
Co-founder & President at First Alliance Title

“There are no guarantees in real estate, but this book is the next best thing. If my clients would simply follow the guidelines and suggestions offered in your book, they would be a lot happier and wealthier.”

-Archie Warthen, Unique Properties, LLC

“I bought my house through Your Castle Real Estate. I am a student in their real estate investment seminars. I see the same quality of work in this book that I have experiences in my experience with them. The advice is practical, succinct, and actionable. It is clearly written and has all the component parts needed to guide my investment decisions.”

– Robert Andrews, VP of Global Services, Flash Global Logistics and Real Estate Investor.

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Rental Property Spreadsheet • House Hacking Spreadsheet BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet • Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer Investing Maps • Rehab Pricing Estimator
Start analyzing your Colorado investment properties today
Rental Property Spreadsheet • House Hacking Spreadsheet BRRRR Calculator Spreadsheet • Fix and Flip Deal Analyzer Investing Maps • Rehab Pricing Estimator
Chris Lopez
Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
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