Copy This Blueprint to Become A House Hack Millionaire

"Made Him a Millionaire" Chris Lopez and Jeff White

Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of beginning your real estate investing journey! Jeff White joins Chris Lopez, Ben Einspahr and Troy Howell to talk about how he’s gone from 0 to 8 properties in just 6 years by building his house hack stack. Listen to the episode to learn how to get started and find out what mistakes to avoid. He’s walking us through each property and sharing his insights and lessons learned.

Rental App + ROE = Listing Opportunities

Create Listing Opportunities with Denver Rental Application + ROE Brady Mullen, Chris Lopez, Andy Rhodes, Kevin Green

How can you take advantage of current events to create more listing opportunities? The Denver Rental License requirement and huge increase in Return on Equity both present a unique opportunity for agents to educate, add value, and generate listings, all while making clients more money with fewer headaches!