How Envision Advisors Is Helping Investors Achieve Their Real Estate Goals
People often ask, “What exactly does Envision Advisors do?” Envision Advisors is a residential real estate investing firm that focuses on helping real estate investors find properties that fit their investing strategies and goals. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a portfolio of properties, we can help you create, refine, and execute your strategy. Listen to the podcast to hear how we help every type of investor and learn what makes us different from your average brokerage.

Envision Advisors is not only one of our Strategic Partners, it’s also a real estate investing firm of investor friendly realtors that I founded.  While listeners are familiar with the company, some people are unclear on exactly what Envision Advisors is.

To help explain the backstory, details, and what we do in the marketplace, I brought on Katie Heinsohn and Preston Newberry.  Katie is our Director of Operations who does everything behind the scenes to make sure the company is running smoothly.  Preston is not only a top producing agent, he is also integral to coaching and developing our team. 

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How It Started

Years ago when I was first getting into real estate, I was mentored by Charles Roberts.  My paths crossed with Katie and Preston, who were both involved with Charles and real estate.  After Charles had to step away from real estate, we carried the torch and Envision Advisors grew from there.

Our clients have grown with us.  The same people we helped buy their house hack are now buying multifamily properties and doing 1031 exchanges.  Some of our first clients even work for us now. 

The growth over the past few years has been phenomenal, but it’s also led to confusion.  The most common question I get from prospective clients and people around town is: What exactly does Envision Advisors do?  In a nutshell, Envision Advisors helps investors buy and sell rental properties in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.  We focus on investors who want to house hack, Nomad, or be traditional landlords in small multifamily properties, duplexes and single family rentals. 

What Does Envision Advisors Do?

Envision Advisors’ focus is on investor clients.  No matter where people are in their investing journey—whether they’re new to real estate investing or have large portfolios—Envision Advisors can help clients figure out and execute a strategy.

Many of our clients also have full time jobs or businesses but know that traditional retirement won’t get them where they want to be.  They know that real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth but don’t know where to start.  We help them get started by putting a plan together and helping them implement it. 

About half of our clients are experienced investors who have amassed a fair amount of properties but don’t know how to keep accelerating that growth to meet their goals.  We look at their portfolio, figure out the next play, and show them how to get there. 

We don’t just buy and sell properties, we advise our clients for the long term.  Our portfolio analysis division has evolved over the years so that our clients will know what their portfolios will look like over the next 1, 5, even 10 years.  Real estate is a chess game, and in order to win, we need to understand the whole board: goals, plans, and personal situations of our clients.

We don’t just look at the transaction and move to the next client—we build lifelong relationships. 

Who We Serve

Our clients are broken down into two main categories: new and experienced investors.  No matter where you are in your real estate investing journey, we can help you figure out and meet your goals. 

How We Help New Investors Get Started

New investors are those who are just starting out and usually don’t have as much capital to deploy.  House Hacking or Nomading are great options for them because it’s the most economical way to get started investing and building a portfolio. 

These investors can take advantage of the lower down payment options for owner-occupied properties and spend a year or two living in and getting to know the home.  When they’re ready to move onto the next property, they rent out the previous one. 

The poster child for a successful investor who started off on this path is Ben Einspahr.  He started house hacking with us a few years ago.  Preston helped him buy his latest house hack property, which enabled Ben to leave his W2 job and allowed his wife to reduce her hours at work.  They’re still building passive cashflow and wealth, but now their lives have entirely changed compared to three years ago.

This is the ultimate goal—getting investors through multiple rungs up the ladder in order to transform their lives.  We want to make real estate work for your ultimate goals.

How We Help Experienced Investors Grow

Another big client base is traditional landlords who don’t live in their investment properties.  A great example of this is a great couple who we’ve done a lot of repeat business with.  They run their own successful company but wanted to invest in real estate to meet their long-term goals.  They were among our first clients and started by investing in condos. 

Now, they own a couple of different multifamily properties around town.  They put their trust in us to help them meet their goals while they focused on building their business.  Because we take the time to get to know our clients and build trust, they feel comfortable putting their time and energy into their business while we help them meet a life goal. 

What Makes Us Different from the Average Brokerage

There are a ton of real estate agents in Denver, Colorado, and the nation.  What makes us different?  Our focus on investors and the way we structure our team.

We are investor friendly agents who want to help clients build long term wealth through real estate.  We don’t do short term projects like fix and flips but instead help people who want to accumulate wealth over the next 15 to 20 years. 

All of our agents and most of our staff are investors; it’s in our DNA.  None of us grew up wanting to be in real estate, but we got into it the same reason our clients did—we all wanted to have a connection to real estate because we understand that it’s a great way to build wealth.  We may not be the best people to ask for advice about paint or bathrooms, but when it comes to helping to figure out retirement goals, that’s us.

Our structure is unique for a brokerage.  With a traditional real estate team, agents are on their own doing lead generation, promotion, and transactions.  One agent needs to wear many hats. 

Envision Advisors thrives in a collaborative environment.  Like a sports team, we all play a unique position to help our clients win.  One person doesn’t need to spread themselves thin being good at a lot of different things.  Instead, everyone focuses on the one or two things they’re great at, and our clients reap the benefit of our collective expertise.

This structure gives us economy of scale and helps us achieve bigger and bigger goals for our company and our clients.

Connect with Us

As we grow and shift, we’re providing more opportunities for our clients to stay with us.  We’re expanding our team across Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo so you can keep working with us no matter where you want to invest. 

Our ultimate goal is to build long term relationships with our clients.  This is a key factor in our growth—we don’t just want clients for one transaction; we want them for life.  If this sounds like what you’re looking for, sit down with us and for a planning session.  

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How Envision Advisors Is Helping Investors Achieve Their Real Estate Goals

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Chris Lopez is a Denver area real estate entrepreneur and investor, as well as the host of Bigger Pockets’ House Hackerz and the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast.
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