One of the best ways to create or fine tune your Denver real estate investing strategy is reading the strategies of others and sharing your own for feedback. The investing strategies series goal is to get as many people as possible to share their strategy so others can learn, discuss, and make adjustments. Personally, I love it when people play devil’s advocate to my ideas. Learning other peoples’ perspectives and having a friendly discussion is a powerful exercise.

Question: “How does it work?”
Answer: It’s simple. Just write out your investing strategy and email it to [email protected] and I’ll post it to the website. Other Denver real estate investors can read and comment on it. Charles and I will also discuss it on our monthly roundup webinars. If you can make the webinar, even better! We can get some great Q&A and dialogue back and forth.

Question: “Does it need be a certain length?”
Answer: No. Make it long or short enough to get your point across.

Question: “Who can submit their investing strategy?”
Answer: Anyone with a connection to Denver:

Question: “I don’t have any properties yet, can I still submit?”
Answer: Yes! All experience levels are welcome. New investors may get the most benefit as we can help you fine tune your strategy.

Question: “I’m a real estate broker / loan offier / other professional. Can I submit?”
Answer: Yes! Please keep it focused on your strategy and just don’t write an advertisement for your services.

Question: “Will you proofread it?”
Answer: No! I hate proofreading and already have to enough with the content I write. Don’t worry about making it perfect, your 12th grade English teacher is not grading it. But, if it’s full of mistakes, it will NOT get published. Need help, run it through

Question: “Where Can I read investing strategies from others?”
Answer: On the top navigation bar, click “Education” -> “Investing Strategies”

Here are direct links to:

Question: “I need help or want to discuss it in more detail?”
Answer: We prefer talking in person, let’s grab a cup of coffee and talk about your strategy.  The investing strategies series is not designed to replace our investment consultation, rather supplement it.

Question: “Can I reply or comment on anyone’s post?”
Answer: Yes, that’s what we want! Look, we don’t agree that everyone is going to agree with the other strategies, which is fine. Just be polite. I have zero tolerance for rude people.

If you have other questions, please post them in the comments below.