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Walker is an Investor Friendly Realtor at Envision Advisors at Your Castle Real Estate. As a Realtor, he works with investors looking to build a rental portfolio by nomading, house hacking, or traditional investing.

After Graduating College, Walker began his career in commercial real estate as an intern at Transwestern Commercial Services in Houston, Texas. A year later he moved to Denver where he worked as a broker for Transwestern in Denver, Colorado. For two years, Walker worked primarily as a Tenant Representation Agent in Commercial Leasing transactions. Being a part of over 100 leases and working solely on 20+ leases during his commercial real estate career. In Mid-August of 2020, Walker made the jump to Residential Real Estate as a member on the Envision Advisory team.

Walker graduated from the University of Texas A&M with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with an Emphasis on Actuarial Science. As a young adult he embraced an entrepreneurial mindset by founding a few companies. With that mindset and a strong background in math, Walker chose to pursue a career as a Real Estate Broker and Investing. 

Walker and his wife bought their first house in April of 2020. They are currently house hacking while saving up for their next investment. In 10 years, his goal is to own 10 rental properties and in 20 years his goal is to achieve financial independence.

In his free time Walker enjoys playing sports, hiking, backpacking, fishing, archery, spending time with friends and family, and taking care of his 2 dogs and 5 chickens.

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