ADU Q1 News: Updated Denver Approvals + Resident Pushback!

What are the latest developments on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in the Denver area? Stacy is here to give you the top 4 stories from Quarter 1! Since we got so much great feedback from our ADU series, we’re providing quarterly updates on this fast-moving segment of the market.

Listen to this episode to find out which neighborhoods are blanket approving ADUs, the city of Denver’s updated rules, and more.

Stationed Overseas: Purchasing a Medium Term Rental in Colorado Springs

In this Deal Analysis, Jenny talks with investor Josh about his first investment property, a new build townhome he’s renting out using a medium-term rental model. Even though he’s stationed out of the country, he figured out how to navigate the buying process and found the best way to optimize his returns.

Listen to the episode to see all of the details, plus find out his biggest lessons learned through trial and error.

Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Analyzing Ben Einspahr’s House Hack Portfolio

Today’s episode is a snippet from our Portfolio Analysis Mastermind in which we analyze Ben Einspahr’s portfolio. We started this mastermind with the goal of helping investors around Colorado figure out the best path for optimizing their portfolios. Thanks to appreciation and rent growth, the deal they bought 5 years ago isn’t the same deal today. The mastermind helps them figure out how and why they should make moves like refinancing, selling, or doing nothing with a well-performing property.

Listen to the episode to see how Ben’s portfolio is performing and hear our panel discuss his different options.

2022 Goal Setting with Chris

What does Chris have in store for 2022? In short, a lot! In this episode, Chris talks about how he met his goals for 2021, and what he wants to accomplish this year. Listen to the episode to learn how he plans to expand and create new businesses, plus his investment and personal goals for the year.

Can I Qualify for a Real Estate Loan If I’m Self-Employed?

Many real estate investors dream of leaving their W-2 job to focus on their portfolio, but will they still qualify for a real estate loan? To find out, I sat down with Bill the Lender, Bill Rodriguez of Cornerstone Lending. Not only is it still possible to qualify for a loan, it’s much easier than people think! Listen to the episode to find out why and hear the truth behind other lending requirement myths.

Living the HGTV Dream in an Englewood Duplex

In this deal analysis, Chris and Lauren talk to clients Alexis and Bryant about their duplex in Englewood. They liked the idea of house hacking but didn’t want to share their space, so this duplex gives them the best of both worlds. Listen to the podcast for all of the details and learn why this is a great deal now and in the long run.