Colorado Springs Real Estate MLS Market Stats – February 2022

The Colorado Springs MLS trends data for February 2022 are now out. While prices continue to rise and compress cap rates, investors shouldn’t be deterred. There’s more to making money in real estate than just cap rates and cashflow!

Listen to the episode to learn how we’re refining our strategies and hear about our new show format coming soon.

First Time Denver Investor: 15% or 25% Down?

Our strategic partner Joe Massey joins us to analyze a deal for a condo in Denver. His client is just getting started investing and he helped her navigate the nuances of getting a loan for a condo.

Listen to the episode to hear more about the deal and learn how lending for condos differs from other types of properties.

Strategic Partner Spotlight: Introducing Joe Massey, Residential Lender

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on one of our Strategic Partners, residential lender Joe Massey. Regular listeners are probably familiar with Joe, or at least his spreadsheet! Joe is your go to lender for a residential property, be it primary home, secondary home, or investment property. His 100% success rate with getting pre-approved buyers to close sets him apart.

Listen to the episode to learn more about the lending process and how Joe does things differently.

Cimarron Hills Fourplex with Value Add Opportunity

What should you do when you find a property that seems solid but has underperforming numbers? Sometimes, the best deal is one that will take a couple of years to reach its full potential.

In this deal analysis, we look at a fourplex in a great part of Colorado Springs recently purchased by clients who have a good long-term outlook. Listen to the episode to hear all of the numbers and learn why they’re so confident in this property.

Do the Numbers Make Sense to Build an ADU in Denver?

We’ve talked a lot about how to finance and build and ADU, but what do the returns look like once it’s done? To find out, we ran a deal analysis on a recently completed ADU in Sloan’s Lake that’s being used as a short-term rental. Listen to the episode to learn all of the details and learn why ADUs are a lifestyle investment.

Note: There is no video walkthrough for this episode.

Launching Curtis St Media and Our Strategic Partners Program

We’ve got exciting news to share: we’re launching a media company and bringing you improved content through our Strategic Partners program! It’s time to take things to the next level, which means providing you with more in-depth information that covers every aspect of the real estate process.

Listen to the episode to learn more about how our media company is going to increase our ability to network and community build, plus get an overview of the local experts we’re partnering with to create content.

Denver Real Estate MLS Market Stats – January 2022

The Denver MLS trends data for January 2022 are now out. The inventory of available homes is extremely low, and rising interest rates are causing buyers to scramble to get under contract.

What should investors do? Listen to the episode to find out why we’re still investing in real estate and how an adjustable-rate mortgage could be a good option.

Colorado Springs Real Estate MLS Market Stats – January 2022

The Colorado Springs MLS trends data for January 2022 are now out. While the inventory finally went up compared to the previous month, the overall numbers are still low. Rising interest rates are causing buyers to scramble to get under contract, making an already tight market even more competitive. For all of the details, listen to the episode.

Portfolio Analysis Mastermind: Optimizing Richard and Ilona’s Rental Portfolio

We’re continuing to highlight our recent Portfolio Analysis Mastermind with a look at Richard and Ilona’s portfolio. The goal of the mastermind was to help investors around Colorado figure out the best path for optimizing their portfolios. Thanks to huge appreciation in a short amount of time, Richard and Ilona have a lot of equity, but now their properties are underperforming. What’s the best way to take advantage of their equity in this market? Listen to the episode for the full discussion and hear our expert panel’s opinions.

Denver Rental Market Trends from Apartment List

We recently received this report on Denver rental market trends from Apartment List. They provided us with some great data investors can use to better understand the market and price their properties. Check it out: How Hot Is the Denver Rental Market? Across most of the country rent prices have been surging for over a […]