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About Law Mother
Pam Maass Garrett of Law Mother specializes in estate planning and asset protection, especially for real estate owners.

One of the reasons Pam is so passionate about estate planning and asset protection is that she went through a bad probate process in her own family.  After that experience, she wanted to ensure others don’t have to go through what she did.

A lot of real estate investors know they want to leave their property to their heirs.  But if the assets aren’t transferred properly, it can create headaches for the people they’re trying to provide for. 

Many estate planners treat the process as a one-time transaction and don’t provide any follow up.  Pam knows that ongoing support is necessary to ensure that plans succeed, so she structures her business accordingly. 

Why I Like Law Mother:
I first came across some of Pam’s ads on Facebook, and it planted the seed that I needed to get on top of my own estate planning. Later, we met in person at a real estate event and got to talking.
She helped me with my estate planning, and I was so impressed with her comprehensiveness that I had her do my mother-in-law’s estate planning, as well. Now, I recommend her to my clients.
She charges her clients a flat fee so they don’t hesitate to call with questions.  In general, she recommends her clients check in every three years.  For business owners whose assets are more complicated, she launched a membership plan that allows for yearly check-ins.
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