House Hack Mastermind #6 – House Hacking From a Female Perspective
This podcast is one you do not want to miss! Join us in this sixth episode in our podcast series tailored towards both active and interested house hackers in the Denver Metro Market. The famous Suleyka Bolanos and Alyson Einspahr join Chris, Jeff, and me. The tips these 2 rock stars share are brilliant. Be sure to have a pen and paper in hand so you can take notes!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Suleyka’s tips on managing room by room house hacks with over 3 years of experience. (4:00)
  • Some of Alyson’s more challenging guests she has encountered managing an Airbnb while maintaining a 5 star review and Superhost Status while providing excellent customer service. (14:45)
  • Specific quotes or things you have read that can help push house hackers through the really tough/character building moments (42:40)
  • Podcast Rewind! We play a segment from a previous podcast Alyson and Suleyka were on to see if their mindset has changed since the 2+years that have gone by. (48:55)
  • House Hacking Interview with Ben & Alyson Einspahr (3:35 – 4:03)
  • Denver House Hacking Couple Interview (4:00 – 4:37)
Three Learning Options!
  1. Listen to the podcast “#264: House Hack Mastermind #6” on the Denver Real Estate Investing Podcast
  2. Watch the YouTube video (at the bottom.)
  3. Read the blog post. Note, the blog is an executive summary. Get the in-depth breakdown from the podcast or video.

Guests for Sixth Episode

Suleyka Bolanos

Suleyka Bolanos
  • Suleyka has been a house hacker since 2017.  It has fueled her passion for living a vibrant, unconventional life.  She carries the values of hard work, dedication, and a growth mindset, making every day better than the last.  When Suleyka isn’t “landlording,” she’s making home ownership dreams come true by running her own business as a Signing Agent.
  • [email protected]
  • (303) 961-1867

Alyson Einspahr

Alyson Einspahr
  • Alyson is a former house hacking skeptic turned advocate.  She is in process of transition to house hack #2 in the Denver area with her husband Ben.  She most enjoys creating memorable guest experiences and outstanding hospitality for guests and hosting out of town family and friends.

For the full conversation, listen to the podcast or watch the video!

We record these House Hack Masterminds once a month, so if you would like to be a guest on a future episode or submit a question, reach out to Ben Einspahr – [email protected].

Hosts of the House Hack Mastermind Series

Ben Einspahr

Jeff White

Ultimate House Hacking Guide and Book

In addition to the House Hack Mastermind, we launched the Ultimate House Hacking Guide which provides a detailed, specific action plan on how to buy house hacks and build a rental portfolio in Denver.

If online learning isn’t your thing, the guide is also available in book form on Amazon.

YouTube Video: Envision Advisors’s House Hack Mastermind #6

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Ben Einspahr
Ben Einspahr is the House Hacking & AirBnB Specialist at Envision Advisors. He helps clients implement strategies that generate above average income from their properties in Denver, where cashflow is getting harder and harder to find. He’s an investor himself, and for the past several years he’s been building his portfolio both in and out of state. He has 3 properties which he’s used to replace his w-2 income. It just goes to show how the number of doors matters so much less than the cashflow that each one produces!
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