The Your Castle Hot Sheet is a unique tool to help you locate deals listed in the Denver MLS by searching on very specific criteria in a way that the MLS cannot do. Your Castle built a spider that goes into the MLS each night and takes all the properties and data from the MLS and puts it into an easily searchable spreadsheet. All you have to do is sort by the criteria you are looking for.

What is a Hot Sheet in Real Estate?

Below are some screenshots from a Hotsheet. Scroll through to see all the data it provides. Most columns are self explanatory, but some have descriptions for clarification. Names and phone numbers have been removed on these screenshots but will appear in the actual Hotsheet.

Your Castle Hot Sheet

Your Castle Hotsheet 2

Your Castle Hotsheet 3

Column AC is % Below. The Hotsheet does an auto comp for every property it has listed, comparing its asking price to properties within a tight radius. This column shows you what percentage below the comparables the property is listed at – an obviously important item.

Column AD is Below Market, telling us how much in dollars the property is below market based on the comps. All you need to search for a property is determine the criteria you want. Then you click on Data… Sort, and choose the items from the top column to sort by. It’s that simple!

Columns AE (Need Repair?), AF (Motivated Seller?), AG (Lender Owned?), and AH (Remodel) – These columns are flagged if certain keywords and indicator are present in the MLS listing.

Your Castle Hotsheet 4

Your Castle Hotsheet 5

Your Castle Hotsheet 6

Questions? Need Your Castle Real Estate Hot Sheet?

Give it a try to get comfortable doing the search and better understanding all the criteria you can search from, there are a lot! It’s worth spending a couple of minutes playing around with it, many of our deals are uncovered using the unconventional tool that no one in the industry has. If you have any questions or want to get a copy then give us a call, we’re happy to walk through it with you!