We’re Hiring! Pueblo Investor Friendly Agent
Are you a motivated agent who wants to close deals and not worry about all the backend work? We’re looking for an agent to help us expand our business in Pueblo, CO. Join our team and learn what it means to be an investor friendly agent. Listen to the episode for all the details. When you’re ready to apply, go here

We’ve previously mentioned that we see a lot of opportunity in Pueblo and want to expand our business down there.  Now that we’re regularly helping clients complete transactions there, we’re looking for a talented agent to add to our team in Pueblo.

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Why Work with Envision Advisors?

Envision Advisors is unique because the vast majority of our transactions—our niche—are investor-focused.  From an agent perspective, our organization, team structure, and environment center around this concept.

We’re organized like a sports team: everyone has a unique role.  We have a lot of support staff and behind the scenes personnel so agents can focus on what they do best: deals.  Our agents aren’t a one-man or one-woman show and can simply focus on giving clients the best experience possible. 

Jenny Bayless runs our southern Colorado business and previously came from a big brokerage.  The biggest difference for her when it comes to working with our team is the focus we have on education.  When she started with us, she realized she wasn’t writing contracts very well and learned how to improve them by being able to ask questions and pick our brains about complicated situations. 

Thanks to that learning experience, she has been able to drive business in Colorado Springs and now Pueblo. 

Why Focus on Pueblo?

Last year, Jenny and Leah Keeling did just over 50 deals in the Springs and Pueblo.  They are targeting Pueblo as a key factor in Envision Advisors’ expansion, as well as a great opportunity for investors. 

Interest rates are rising and squeezing cash flow, but it’s still possible to find a cash flowing property in Pueblo.  For investors looking to buy property in the front range, this is a great place to look. 

Part of Jenny’s job is to constantly turn over stones and find opportunities for investors.  In researching Pueblo, she found that the city’s economics and public policy initiatives make Pueblo a great place for long term investing. 

Who Is the Ideal Agent to Work with Envision Advisors?

Right now, there isn’t a need for a full-time agent.  We’re looking for either a newer agent who wants to learn from the team, or an experienced one who is great at deals and doesn’t want to do all the backend work.  We want to show the agent how to be both an investor and an investor-friendly agent. 

The right person will be a true member of the team.  The goal is that this role will grow into a full-time team member position.  I love this model because it helps get everyone on board and makes sure we all fit together so we can grow together. 

How Do I Apply?

We care about providing a high-quality product to our clients, and we take pride in the fact that we go above and beyond for them.  To do this, we hustle and are willing to try new things. 

If this sounds like you, reach out to apply.  Make sure you pay attention to the instructions—our first step in evaluating candidates is seeing who can follow directions.

Application Instructions:

  1. Read job posting above
  2. Send cover letter
  3. Send Resume
  4. Include a detailed description of how your experience would relate to the job qualifications
  5. Send us your Meyers Briggs personality test (the free version). Click here to take it. Then register (it’s free), view report, and copy and paste your results in an email to Katie.
  6. Put job title in the subject line: Pueblo Agent

Please send all documents and questions to Katie Heinsohn at: [email protected].

YouTube Video

We’re Hiring! Pueblo Investor Friendly Agent

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