Unlocking Depreciation Tax Savings:
How Cost Segregation Benefits Rental Property Owners
Learn the Powerful Tax Strategies Savvy Real Estate Investors use to Increase ROI!
Webinar on Wednesday, May 31st at 12 pm MDT
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Webinar Summary:
Don't let misconceptions hold you back from maximizing your profits – tax reduction isn't just for the ultra-rich.
By utilizing a cost-segregation study you, too, can use this powerful tax savings strategy to help you save thousands of dollars on taxes.
Hint: This is how RE millionaires pay ZERO in taxes!
That's why we've brought in Bonnie Kaake, an expert in depreciation and tax benefits, to help you understand how to leverage cost segregation to reduce taxes on your rental properties.
Bonnie has extensive experience in cost segregation and has helped rental property owners save millions of dollars on their rental properties. CSSI-Cost Segregation Services, Inc has completed over 40,000 studies.
Bonnie will be sharing strategies she uses with her clients to help keep more money in their pockets including bonus depreciation,Zengineered backed studies, and the intricacies of short term rentals.
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
Imagine having more capital to invest in more deals, without worrying about high taxes eating into your profits.
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field and start unlocking tax savings for your rental properties.


Founder , Envision Advisors

Bonnie Griffin Kaake

National Account Executive, CSSI-Cost Segregation Services Inc

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