Travis Sperr, Direct Private Money Lending
Specializing in flexible loan terms for residential and commercial real estate
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About Travis Sperr
Travis Sperr is a lender with Renovo Financial. He has a great product: direct private money lending. Essentially, it’s a very flexible loan product for residential and commercial properties, and long and short term real estate.

Renovo’s vast product suite of loans means they have something for everyone in the investor space. Their clients are strictly investors; they can’t loan on owner-occupied properties.  Among other types of loans, they finance fix and flips, new construction, and long term financing on properties of 1-50 units. Their flexibility allows them to assist clients getting into a property, make repairs on it, and then help them with long term financing.

Why I Like Travis Sperr:
Travis is one of the first people I met in Denver, thanks to my mentor Charles Roberts. At the time, Travis was a hard money lender focused on fix and flips.
We quickly became friends and started collaborating together. He’s been a great resource for me and clients over the years. Plus, Travis is an experienced investor: from house hacking a triplex in Aurora, to new construction development projects.
Now, Travis is a lender with Renovo Financial, which gives him the opportunity to do both long and short term financing using private money. Great person + great loan products = no brainer!
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Learn More about Travis Sperr
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