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Why Commercial Investors Are Seeking out Shorter Loan Terms
High interest rates are changing the landscape of commercial deals throughout Colorado and the rest of the country. William Foy and Marcus Davis of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to explain
When Is an ARM Better than a Fixed Rate Loan?
Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy join us to explain how they helped a client refinance his loans so he can prepare for retirement. With interest rates rising, an adjustable-rate
"The Sky Isn't Falling": Why the Commercial Real Estate Market Is Stronger Than You Think
The Q2 commercial market data is out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what we’re seeing. Our biggest takeaway: deals require more effort these days, but they’re still getting done.
Why Denver Investors Are Moving from Multifamily to Industrial Properties
Strategic Partners William and Marcus of Spearhead Commercial Capital are back to talk about an Indianapolis industrial building they helped their Denver-based clients invest in. Listen to this episode and learn
Getting $250k Cash to Replace Lightbulbs? A Creative Method for Pulling out Equity in an Office Building Refinance
How do you adjust your investing strategy when you’re at the end of your investing cycle? Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy of Spearhead Commercial Capital join us to discuss
Denver Commercial Real Estate Q1 Market Updates
Want to find out the latest trends in the Denver area commercial real estate market? Check out our new Commercial Real Estate Commercial Market Updates. We’ve brought in a panel of
Consolidating 28 Loans to Invest in a 56-Unit Multifamily Property
Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy join us for our first commercial deal analysis. They’re walking us through how they helped a client who had 28 investment properties with
Introducing Your Commercial Financing Matchmakers: Spearhead Commercial Capital
Meet our Strategic Partners Marcus Davis and William Foy of Spearhead Commercial Capital. Thanks to their vast network of local and national lenders, they ensure their clients find the right lender
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