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Living for $150 a Month Despite a 5.9% Interest Rate
How can house hackers find cash flowing deals in a high interest rate environment? Jeff White joins us to analyze current deals he’s working on that will allow his clients to
Deal Analysis - Future Rental Property in Westminster, CO

Our investor client purchased a detached single family home in Westminster to Nomad™. He purchased the home with a 0% down VA loan which means he had to bring less than

Deal Analysis - Nomad™ in Westminster

A new investor purchased his first house hack in Westminster. He’s following the Nomad™ strategy to buy a new rental property every year. He may or may not rent out a

Deal Analysis - Fourplex in Westminster, CO Opportunity Zone

Chris Lopez purchased this Westminster fourplex in a 1031 exchange from an out of state property. Chris and the seller worked together so they could have a closing time favorable to

Deal Analysis - Westminster Townhouse House Hack

This analysis breaks down helping a first-time homebuyer and new investor to buy his first house hack. Our search focused on townhomes, since they have lower price points than detached homes.

Podcast #81: March 2019 Denver Real Estate Roundup

Joe Massey and I just wrapped up the March 2019 roundup webinar (our monthly “let’s grab a virtual cup of coffee and talk Denver real estate investing.”)

Westminster House Hack - Case Study
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