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2024 House Hacking Trends in Colorado
Chris, Troy and Jeff dive into the 2024 House Hacking Trends in Colorado, offering detailed insights into property trends in Colorado Springs.
House Hacking Strategies that Achieve Above Market Rent | Deal Analyses
Jeff White and lender Troy Howell analyze two creative deals that pencil in today’s market—a fourplex using the new 5% down payment and an 8-bedroom house hack.
Avoid These Credit Mistakes When Applying for a Mortgage
Discover the crucial role lenders play in home buying, explore best practices, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the secrets to a successful home buying process by finding a lender who truly
"Made Him a Millionaire" Chris Lopez and Jeff White
Copy This Blueprint to Become A House Hack Millionaire
Don’t get overwhelmed by the idea of beginning your real estate investing journey! Jeff White joins Chris Lopez, Ben Einspahr and Troy Howell to talk about how he’s gone from 0
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