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Trading up with a 1031 Exchange into a $330,400 New Build
It’s no secret the market is giving homeowners the gift of appreciation, but what’s the best way to tap into it? In this deal analysis, Jenny explains to Chris how her
Double Digit Returns at 5.75% Interest Rate in Colorado Springs
In this deal analysis, we’re looking at a townhouse purchased by first-time investors. We’re able to see this deal holistically because Jenny was the listing agent, and Leah was the buyer’s
Stationed Overseas: Purchasing a Medium Term Rental in Colorado Springs
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny talks with investor Josh about his first investment property, a new build townhome he’s renting out using a medium-term rental model. Even though he’s stationed out
Growing Returns on a $195K Pueblo Townhouse
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Leah discuss a townhouse in Pueblo recently purcahsed by a client who lives in Denver. They run through several different rent scenarios to
House Hacking in Denver for Only $300/mo!
In this deal analysis, Stacy looks at a property recently purchased by a house hacker. Even though things didn’t go their way at first, he’s still getting a great
Denver Investor Buys in Colorado Springs for $250,000
In this episode, Jenny and Leah do a deal analysis on a townhome purchased by a first-time investor. By self-managing the property, he’s helping boost his long-term returns. Listen
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Comparing Spreadsheet Projections vs Actual Numbers for Your Rental Property
When buying a new property, we use the spreadsheet to determine if a potential purchase makes sense. We use a mix of concrete numbers and projections based on averages and
COS podcast - townhome in security
3 Bedroom Townhouse in Colorado Springs for $300K
Last year, named the 80911 zip code in Colorado Springs the hottest zip code in the US, thanks to its affordability and quality of life. This is a great
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Transitioning from First to Second House Hack
Our guest for this episode is Ben Einspahr who our regular listeners will recognize as the co-host of the “House Hacking Masterminds” podcast. He previously joined me to talk
House Hacking with an Engineer: Finding Joy in the Numbers - Even After Buying a New Build Townhome
As part of our series on new build townhomes, Chris and Lauren sat down with investor Anthony Musco to discuss the new build townhome Lauren helped him purchase near Olde Towne
Deal Analysis - Colorado Springs Turnkey Townhome
This deal analysis looks at a new build, turnkey townhome rental property located in the Security-Widefield area of Colorado Springs that closed Q1 2021. The investor typically likes to BRRRR, but
Deal Analysis - First Rental Property in Colorado Springs
This deal analysis breaks down how a young couple in Colorado Springs made their first real estate purchase to start building their rental portfolio for retirement planning. We are estimating $1,497
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