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Leveraging Passive Activity Losses to Reduce your W-2 Tax Burden
Brandon Hall, CPA shares his expert knowledge of passive activity loss rules, depreciation, and cost segregation to help you become a tax-savvy investor!
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Strategic IRA Moves: Chris Lopez Shares Why He's Shifting $276k from Stocks to Real Estate
Explore advanced IRA strategies with Chris Lopez, shifting $276k from stocks to real estate, guided by Warren Buffett’s principles for a tax-smart financial future.
Podcast #113: Understanding Qualified Business Income (QBI) w/ Scott Estill

In the tax and business entity series that I did with Peter Mcfarland, he touched on qualified business income (QBI). I wanted to do a deep dive to understand it myself!

Podcast #97: Tax Planning 301 – Real Estate Exit Strategies

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on taxes. Join licensed realtor Chris Lopez and attorney Peter McFarland in exploring strategies to reduce your tax burden. In

Podcast #96: Tax Planning 201 – Advanced Strategies for Tax Savings

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on taxes. Topics include 1) Cost Segregation for Maximizing Depreciation 2) 179 Expensing & Bonus Depreciation 3) Real Estate Professional Status 4) Avoiding Self-Employment Tax

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