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A Good Defense Is Your Best Offense: 3 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio during Turbulent Times
How can you protect your rental portfolio from unforeseen events? We’re discussing the best ways to manage vacancy, expenses, and liquidity concerns through reserves and contingency planning. Even in offensive
Don't Let Your Equity Just Sit There: 6 Ways to Find Money to Invest in Real Estate
How do investors find the capital to buy real estate? Lon Welsh joins us to highlight six methods you can use to fund your investments, from refinancing to loan options. Listen
Boosting Returns $10K by Investing Denver Equity in Pueblo
In this deal analysis, Strategic Partner and lender Joe Massey joins me to talk about a refinance he helped his clients do on an investment property. By using their equity to
Case Study: Investing $100,000 from a Primary Residence Cash-Out Refinance

In November 2019 I closed on a cash-out refinance on my primary residence to pull out $106,000 to invest into Denver rental properties. As discussed in earlier posts, the equity in

Tapping into Your Primary Residence Equity Updates - Part #2

Before reading this post, make sure you read the previous post, “Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property” as this post builds upon the information in there. This post

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