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Living for $150 a Month Despite a 5.9% Interest Rate
How can house hackers find cash flowing deals in a high interest rate environment? Jeff White joins us to analyze current deals he’s working on that will allow his clients to
Trading Down to Increase Cash Flow: Why Jeff Sold a Fourplex to Buy Two Single Family Homes
Is it possible to get better returns by trading down? Jeff White joins us to explain how he gets more cash flow and fewer headaches by utilizing a 1031 exchange to
Become a Rent-By-The-Room Millionaire with the House Hack "Stack"
We’ve got another episode of our House Hackerz show with BiggerPockets.  Today, we’re walking a property owned by Jeff that has two investment strategies: Room by Room rentals and Section
Managing a Room by Room Strategy from Out of State
This deal analysis looks at a single family home in Colorado Springs recently purchased by an investor who specializes in room by room rentals.  He joined us to talk about how
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Room by Room Rental in a Single Family 5 Bedroom Home
This deal analysis looks at a creative strategy for renting out a single family home. This client recently purchased a house in Colorado Springs and is doing a room by
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