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North Denver House Hack With Separate Entrance Guest Suite
Westminster house hack ideal for unique Airbnb experiences and flexible investment strategies.
Northglenn House Hack with a Separate Mother-in-law Suite
High interest rates are making house hacks harder to find, but they still exist! Here is a house hack we found right off the MLS.
July Market updates
Stop Waiting for a Price Drop | July 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market Updates
July 2023 Market Updates: Why you Should Stop Waiting for a Price Drop
Stability Meets Profit: June 2023 Colorado Real Estate Market Updates
Stay informed on the latest news and opportunities in the Colorado Springs rental market!
Latest Rental News: Stay Ahead of the Game in Colorado Springs
Stay informed on the latest news and opportunities in the Colorado Springs rental market!
"Ask These Questions First" with Jenny Bayless
The Must-Ask Questions That Will Help You Hire the Right Property Manager
Not all property managers are the same, which is why it’s so crucial to interview several candidates first. But do you know the right questions to ask? We’ve got the most
Jenny Bayless Real Estate investors Share All
Looking for Cash Flow? Why Pueblo Offers Investors Solid Returns in a Tight Economy
What’s it really like to invest in Pueblo? We sat down with three Denver-based investors to talk about their experience buying property in Pueblo. Listen to the podcast to learn what
Photo showing condos in Breckenridge, CO
What Does It Take to Make This Breckenridge Condo Cash Flow?
Can you cash flow from a mountain home? We’re finding out by looking at the numbers on a 2 bedroom condo in Breckenridge.
Chris Lopez, Amy Nakos in front of mountain home "Watch this First"
Can You Make a Profit on a Vacation Home in the Mountains? 9 Factors to Consider Before Buying
Are you thinking about investing in a second home in the mountains? Check out these 9 factors to consider first with agent Amy Nakos. She walks us through what it’s really
Photo showing condos in Keystone, CO
Breaking Down HOA Dues and Other Costs in a Keystone Condo
How do HOA dues differ for a mountain condo than a home along the Front Range? Check out this deal analysis to find, plus see what it takes to break even.
"Don't Make These Mistakes" Chris Lopez and Andy Rhodes discuss how to pass your Denver rental license inspection
Want to Pass Your Denver Rental License Inspection? Avoid These 3 Mistakes
Worried about passing your Denver Rental License inspection? Don’t be! We’re sitting down with inspector Andy Rhodes, who’s completed 3900 inspections already, to talk about the top 3 reasons landlords fail
Jenny Bayless and Leah Keeling Cash Flow with an x over it; Future Wealth with a checkmark next to it
Don't Let Negative Cash Flow Fool You: How to Recognize a Solid Investment
When is a negative actually a positive? Leah is just starting her investment journey with a new build townhouse expected to yield negative cash flow the first year. So, why do
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