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Denver 2023 Q4 Residential Real Estate Trends
4th QUARTER 2023 RESIDENTIAL TRENDS: DENVER. After a record-breaking 2021, the market slowed with rising mortgage rates and low inventory. Prices remained stable amid seasonal shifts.
Denver 2023 Q3 Real Estate Trends
Updates brought to you by Your Castle Real Estate.
Chris Lopez and Lon Walsh "Will There Be a Foreclosure Boom Like '07?"
Will There Be a Foreclosure Boom Like ’07?
Find out the latest national real estate trends so you can make informed investing decisions.
Joe Massey, Lon Welsh, Chris Lopez "Will Interest Rates Keep Going Up" Busting 7 Housing Market Myths
Busting 7 Myths about Recessions and the Housing Market
Will there be a foreclosure boom? Are housing prices dropping? Joe Massey and Lon Welsh join us to go behind today’s alarming headlines about recessions and the real estate market. Listen
Is Active Real Estate Investing Too Risky in a Recession?
Is it better to directly own an investment property or passively invest in real estate? Lon Welsh joins us to break down the risks and rewards of each approach, and explain
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