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Jenny Bayless: Invest Like a Pro!
What's Working Now? Your 2023 Guide to Southern Colorado Real Estate Investing
What strategies are working in southern Colorado today? Our 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide has the answers! In this three-part series, we’ll explore all aspects of the market so you can
Is Active Real Estate Investing Too Risky in a Recession?
Is it better to directly own an investment property or passively invest in real estate? Lon Welsh joins us to break down the risks and rewards of each approach, and explain
Relocating from California to Find a Profitable House Hack in Colorado
Why did this investor move from San Francisco to Colorado Springs to start house hacking? Today, Jenny and Chris sit down with Michael, a new investor who has a unique outlook
How Envision Advisors Is Helping Investors Achieve Their Real Estate Goals
People often ask, “What exactly does Envision Advisors do?” Envision Advisors is a residential real estate investing firm that focuses on helping real estate investors find properties that fit their investing
Can I Qualify for a Real Estate Loan If I'm Self-Employed?
Many real estate investors dream of leaving their W-2 job to focus on their portfolio, but will they still qualify for a real estate loan? To find out, I sat down
Submit Your Chapter for the 2022 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing Strategies Book
It’s time to submit your chapter for the 2022 Guide to Colorado Real Estate Investing! Listen to the podcast to get more details and read our submission guidelines here
Create Your Denver Real Estate Investing Strategy

Do you have a strategy for your real estate investing? Is it written down? Most likely your answer is no! 

Creating a rental income stream for retirement is the main

Podcast #114: Podcast Update and 2020 Investing Book

In this show I talk about the 2020 Guide to Denver Real Estate Investing Strategies and then the next iteration of the podcast and website.

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