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Super Bowl Champion Ryan Harris's Mindset: "More Is Not Always Better”
Former Bronco and Superbowl 50 champion Ryan Harris joins Chris and Chelsea to talk about his outlook on life and how that shapes his real estate investing philosophy. Listen to
Refinancing Your Primary Residence to Purchase Denver Investment Property

If you’re like many Denver homeowners who have owned their primary residence for a few years, then you’re probably sitting on a decent amount of equity that is often in the

Podcast #93: Tax Planning 101 - Introduction to Taxation & Real Estate Investing

In this episode, we speak with attorney Peter McFarland about the basics of tax planning and savings opportunities for Denver real estate investors.

[3 of 3] Building a 10 Property Portfolio - 5% down w/House Hacking
[2 of 3] Building a 10 Property Portfolio - 5% down w/ Nomad
Building a 10 Property Portfolio w/ the Real Estate Financial Planner™

Many investors conceptually understand how to build an investment portfolio, but get stuck on understanding the path to building a portfolio for achieving financial freedom. Almost all the real estate investing

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