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Southern Colorado 2023 Q2 Real Estate Trends
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Jenny Bayless Real Estate investors Share All
Looking for Cash Flow? Why Pueblo Offers Investors Solid Returns in a Tight Economy
What’s it really like to invest in Pueblo? We sat down with three Denver-based investors to talk about their experience buying property in Pueblo. Listen to the podcast to learn what
Jenny Bayless "Cash Flow with 7% Interest!"
How This Pueblo Duplex Provides Positive Cash Flow Despite a High Interest Rate
High interest rates are making cash flow harder to find, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We’re looking at a Pueblo duplex that not only cash flows with a 7%
"What's Your Strategy?" with Jenny Bayless
2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide: What Are the Best Investing Strategies for Today's Market?
We’re wrapping up our 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide by examining which investing strategies are working in today’s market. While not every strategy works all of the time, investors have a
Financing Options in 2023 with Jenny Bayless
What Are the Best Financing Options Today? A Lender's Guide to Investing in Southern Colorado
Local lender Jessica Khani joins us for Part 2 of the 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide to talk about the best loan options for investors today. Whether you’re a house hacker,
Jenny Bayless: Invest Like a Pro!
What's Working Now? Your 2023 Guide to Southern Colorado Real Estate Investing
What strategies are working in southern Colorado today? Our 2023 Southern Colorado Investing Guide has the answers! In this three-part series, we’ll explore all aspects of the market so you can
Real Estate Market Heating Up? Jenny Bayless, Chris Lopez, Newt Wyler, Preston Newberry
March 2023 Market Updates: Where Are We Seeing the Best Deals for Investors?
How is the spring selling season shaping up? We’ve got the latest market trends for Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Denver, and now northern Colorado! Discover which stats have our panel of experts
Jenny Bayless 7% Interest Rate? No Problem for Pueblo Duplex
How Is This Investor Cash Flowing $7K Annually with a 7% Interest Rate?
Do high interest rates mean investors won’t cash flow? No! Today, we’re looking at a duplex in Pueblo that cash flows $7K annually despite a 7% interest rate. No fancy tricks
Leah Keeling shares her 2023 real estate investment goals.
Leah’s 2023 Goals: Why This Investor Is Looking at Pueblo
Leah Keeling has a wealth of knowledge in the Pueblo area, which we are predicting will be a hot market for 2023. She was Rookie of the Year, and in 2022
November Monthly Market Updates Thumbnail
November 2022 Market Stats: Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Concessions
We’ve got the November 2022 Colorado market stats, and we’re breaking down the data and trends to understand what they mean for investors. Find out why we think seasonality in the
October Monthly Market Updates- Thumbnail
October 2022 Market Updates: Take Advantage of Dropping Rates and Seller Concessions
The October 2022 market stats for Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo are now out, and our roundtable is back to discuss what they mean. Check out the latest trends, get updates
Where Can I Cash Flow in Colorado? Hint: It's Pueblo
Is it still possible to cash flow with high interest rates? This deal analysis looks at a recently purchased single family home in Pueblo being used as a long term rental.
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