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How This Investor is Inflation Proofing with Fourplexes
Multifamily Mastery: Navigating Fourplexes, Section 8, Self Management, and more!
"Ask These Questions First" with Jenny Bayless
The Must-Ask Questions That Will Help You Hire the Right Property Manager
Not all property managers are the same, which is why it’s so crucial to interview several candidates first. But do you know the right questions to ask? We’ve got the most
Chris Lopez with AirSimplicity Property Management founders Shalom Kaiser and Jonathan Scheiner "Discover the Secret to Thriving in the Short Term Rental Landscape"
Discover the Secret to Thriving in Denver's Shifting Short Term Rental Landscape
How is the economy affecting the short term rental market? AirSimplicity founders Shalom Kaiser and Jonathan Scheiner have all the data, case studies, and trends to help your short term rental
Successful Rental Property Analysis with Lon Welsh, Eric Ross, and Chris Lopez
Discover the Secrets to Successful Rental Property Analysis
What’s the best way to analyze your rental property, and how does it change over time? Our experts share their secrets for analyzing their investments and getting the best returns.
State of The Property Management Industry

Annemarie Sunde of Legacy Property Management attended the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) conference. She took great notes on the state of the property management industry and hopped on

Podcast #100: 4 New Laws for Colorado Landlords

Recently, the Colorado Legislature passed some new landlord laws. Annemarie Sunde, the owner of Legacy Property Management, discusses the four of them on the episode: (1) Application fees (2)

Typed paperwork with pen: Put Property in LLC
Should I Put My Property In An LLC?

“Should I put my property in an LLC?” is one of the most common questions. There is not a simple yes or no answer. We discuss the three main options for

Podcast #92: Out of State Investing w/ Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle is back on the podcast. He owns over 250 units in Des Moines, Iowa and over a 100 units in Denver. He’s a great person to give perspective on

Podcast #67: Landlords, Keeping Yourself Out of Court w/ Annemarie Sunde
Podcast #37: Denver Rentals w/ Annemarie Sunde
Podcast #34: Denver Property Management Update - Q1 Update
Webinar #21: Denver Rentals from a Property Managers Perspective
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