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Navigating Real Estate Investments After Exiting Your Business w/ Tyler Horsley
Tyler Horsley, CEO of Nuclear Capital Group, and Chris Lopez explore why real estate is the perfect investment avenue for busy founders looking to grow their wealth after a business exit.
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Demystifying TAXES for Passive Investors: Guide to Real Estate Syndications
CPA Thomas Castelli unravels the tax maze for passive investors in real estate syndication and fund investments, covering K-1s, managing distributions, and maximizing tax savings!
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Strategic IRA Moves: Chris Lopez Shares Why He's Shifting $276k from Stocks to Real Estate
Explore advanced IRA strategies with Chris Lopez, shifting $276k from stocks to real estate, guided by Warren Buffett’s principles for a tax-smart financial future.
Job Loss into Opportunity! (2)
How Nick Elder House Hacked his way to MultiFamily
In this episode, Chris interviews Nick Elder, a former pharmaceutical sales employee turned real estate investor, who shares his journey from house hacking to multi-family properties and syndications. They discuss the
Level Up in 2023 Chris Lopez investing Goals
Chris's 2023 Goals: Learn His Plans and Jumpstart Your Own Goal Setting
We’re starting off the new year by talking about goals. Chris looks back on the goals he made for 2022 and discusses his real estate investing and business goals for 2023.
Keep or Sell: Breaking Down the Options for Maximizing Returns
If you’re like most investors, you assume that holding onto your property for the long-term is always the most financially sound decision. But it turns out there’s a lot more that
Is Active Real Estate Investing Too Risky in a Recession?
Is it better to directly own an investment property or passively invest in real estate? Lon Welsh joins us to break down the risks and rewards of each approach, and explain
Understanding the 3 Documents You Sign as a Passive Investor
What do passive investors need to know about the risks and obligations they’re agreeing to? Lon Welsh joins us to go over the documents passive investors are required to sign, what
Boost Returns and Lower Risk by Diversifying Real Estate Investments
Diversifying investments is a smart move for everyone—including real estate investors. What kind of diversification is important for passive investors? Lon Welsh joins Chris to discuss the three main ways
All the Benefits of Real Estate without the Headaches: The Perks of Being a Passive Investor
How do passive investors make money off of their investments? Lon Welsh is back in the studio with Chris to explain how syndications and funds are structured and walk us through
8 Simple Questions to Clarify Your Real Estate Investing Strategy
Finding a starting point for real estate investing can be overwhelming. Luckily, Lon Welsh is back to explain the 8 dimensions of investing. By taking the time to carefully think
Active or Passive Investing? Picking a Strategy that Works for You
Real estate investing falls into two categories: active and passive. What’s the difference between these two? Lon Welsh, founder of Ironton Capital, joins Chris to discuss different types of real estate
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