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Matt Amundson’s Creative Strategies for Leveraging your Equity
How to use your home equity to become a real estate millionaire like Matt Amundson
Over Out of State Investing? Bringing the Capital Back to Colorado
We’re talking to Colorado Springs investor Ken Hobbick about his investing journey to find out how his strategies evolved over time. He tells us why out of state investing isn’t all
Out of State Investing vs Colorado Springs

We’re launching a new podcast today that focuses on the benefits of buying rental property in Colorado Springs versus out of state. It’s called the Colorado Springs

Podcast #108: How Much Does Mindset Impact Investing?

Steven Pesavento joins me to discuss mindset and real estate investing. Steven lives in Denver, but his real estate business invests and flips in two markets outside of Denver.


Podcast #104: Syndication Basics

About every week someone asks me about syndications or tells me they are getting into real estate syndication. I wanted to learn the details of syndication deal structuring for

Podcast #92: Out of State Investing w/ Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle is back on the podcast. He owns over 250 units in Des Moines, Iowa and over a 100 units in Denver. He’s a great person to give perspective on

Podcast #57: Systemizing The Flipping Process w/ Derek Marlin
Podcast #56: Fourplex House Hacking in Denver with Jeff White
Podcast #50: Multifamily Syndication w/ Adam Adams
Podcast #49: Out of State Investing with Vern Harris
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