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New Fund Alert! Opportunities NOT to Miss in Multifamily Investing
Where is the best place to invest TODAY? Join Chris as he delves into the multifamily space, highlighting its potential for high returns and optimal financing in today’s market.
[PL Launch] $1 Billion Business Plan
Inside Property Llama’s $1 Billion Business Plan
Million Dollar Momentum with Chris Lopez
Fueling Property Llama’s Future
What do we plan on doing with the money we raise to turn Property Llama into a billion dollar company? Find out how we plan to scale and don’t miss the
Team + Traction Ilona Kazimirko, Chris Lopez, Richard McGirr
Traction + Team: The Secret to Property Llama’s Growth
Discover the overlooked keys to building a billion-dollar company as we unveil Property Llama’s strategy for success. And don’t miss the webinar on July 13th at 12 MST for an inside
$1 Billion Chris Lopez
My One Billion Dollar Goal
I want to share the biggest goal I’ve ever set before….
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