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Jenny Bayless and Leah Keeling Cash Flow with an x over it; Future Wealth with a checkmark next to it
Don't Let Negative Cash Flow Fool You: How to Recognize a Solid Investment
When is a negative actually a positive? Leah is just starting her investment journey with a new build townhouse expected to yield negative cash flow the first year. So, why do
Is Renting to Friends a Huge House Hacking Mistake?
In this episode of House Hackerz with BiggerPockets, I’ve got a classic love story for you: Boy meets girl, they fall in love and get married, then they do their
Combining a Nomad and Room by Room Strategy in Colorado Springs
In this deal analysis, the client combined both a Nomad and room by room strategy to optimize his returns on a single family home in Colorado Springs. Now, he gets to
Living the HGTV Dream in an Englewood Duplex
In this deal analysis, Chris and Lauren talk to clients Alexis and Bryant about their duplex in Englewood. They liked the idea of house hacking but didn’t want to share their
House Hacking in Denver for Only $300/mo!
In this deal analysis, Stacy looks at a property recently purchased by a house hacker. Even though things didn’t go their way at first, he’s still getting a great
Nomad Strategy with a Young Family in Ruby Hill
This Deal Analysis focuses on clients David and Mandy who are using the Nomad strategy to achieve financial independence.  They recently purchased a single family home in the Ruby Hill neighborhood
Deal Analysis - Cap Hill Multi Unit Nomad
This Deal Analysis looks at a multi unit Nomad located in the Cap Hill area of Denver. Our client was a first time investor looking for a multi family to rent
Deal Analysis - Nomad™ Denver Townhouse

Our client is a young working professional purchasing his first Denver investment property though the Nomading™ approach. He wanted his first purchase to provide a balance of investment and lifestyle. Location

Deal Analysis - Future Rental Property in Westminster, CO

Our investor client purchased a detached single family home in Westminster to Nomad™. He purchased the home with a 0% down VA loan which means he had to bring less than

Deal Analysis - Nomad™ in Westminster

A new investor purchased his first house hack in Westminster. He’s following the Nomad™ strategy to buy a new rental property every year. He may or may not rent out a

Deal Analysis - Denver Single Family House Nomad™

Our clients wanted to buy a house in an area they could enjoy while living there and hopefully ride the wave of transitioning neighborhoods and therefore appreciation.

Deal Analysis - Family Nomad™️ in Littleton Townhouse

This deal analysis breaks down how a family of four is using the Nomad™ real estate investing method to start building their rental portfolio for retirement planning.

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