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Using a HELOC to Acquire a Colorado Springs Fourplex
In this Deal Analysis, Jenny and Chris discuss a fourplex recently purchased by Denver investors in the Springs. This is a great example of an off-market property that will generate
41-Unit Syndication Deal Analysis With Terrance Doyle
The property reviewed in this Deal Analysis podcast is a 41-unit single-structure multi-family in the very competitive Highlands Neighborhood in Denver, CO. The property consists of 38 units with 1 bed
Podcast #105: Multifamily Underwriting w/ Terrance Doyle

Terrance Doyle joins me for this episode to discuss how he underwrites multifamily properties. If you’ve listened to previous podcasts with Terrance, then you know over the last 18

Podcast #40: June 2018 Monthly Roundup
Webinar #24: May 2018 Denver Roundup
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